CFL Building Surveyors provide the following services:

 - Building Permits & Inspections

 - Preliminary Design Advice

 - Construction Costings, Progress Payment Inspections & Reports

 - Owner-Builders/Defects Reports (Section 137b)

 - Pool Fence Design & Advice Inspections

 - BAL Inspection & Reports (Bushfire Attack Levels)


 Building Permits & Inspections

Assessment of proposed building work and consultation prior to issue of building permit. Mandatory inspections are then carried out as required by regulations and the project finalised upon completion.


 Preliminary Design Advice

Throughout the design phase, a building surveyor can provide advice regarding compliance matters and potential building solutions. We have a practical and performance based approach and are willing to assess each project individually.


 Construction Costings, Progress Payment Inspections & Reports

Prior to construction financial institutions may require external costing estimates as part of their risk management framework. At CFL we provide both costing reports and carry out required contractual progress payment inspections throughout construction confirming to financial institutions by report that the progress request is reasonable.


 Owner-Builders/Defects Reports (Section 137b)

If you have constructed a home as an owner builder in previous six and a half years and wish to sell, you are required by the Building Act 1993 to carry out a defects report under Section 137b; this report will then form part of the Section 32 transfer documentation at time of sale.

Owner builder reports are required for works including additions, renovations, verandahs, pergolas, retaining walls, decks, swimming pools and associated barriers.


 Pool Safety Barrier Design & Advice

Current building regulations require that proposed swimming pool barriers achieve full compliance with and adhere to all requirements of Australian Standard 1926.1 – 2012. This standard provides parameters with aim to preventing child access to swimming pool enclosures.

CFL can provide both preliminary design advice and onsite consultation to ensure compliance with these regulations.


BAL Inspection & Reports (Bushfire Attack Levels)

If you are proposing to construct a building in a designated bushfire area, you may be required to carry out a Bushfire Attack Level assessment in accordance with the building regulations and specifically Australian Standard 3959 – 2018.

This assessment will then determine the level of construction required to protect your building from bushfire attack.